Amazon’s Echo Frames update just might make you finally wear smart glasses

As an early smart glasses adopter, I can say with some authority that they’re usually terrible, or at least so heavy and awkward that you’ll wear them once and then quickly forget about them.

Amazon‘s latest Echo Frames might just break that pattern. At its September 20 Amazon device event, the retail and device giant unveiled them, along with a slew of smart products that included the Amazon Echo Show 8 (3rd gen), new Echo Dots for Kids, 4K FireTV Sticks, a new Fire TV soundbar, FireHD tablets, Ring, Blink, and Eero devices, and an exciting new LLM-powered Alexa. 

For me to consider smart glasses not awful, they have to fulfill a some core criteria: they can’t be too heavy, they should not require touch (though accommodate it), they should look just like normal glasses, and they should be smart – otherwise, what’s the point?

Amazon Echo Frames

(Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

In my admittedly short experience with them, I’d say the Amazon Echo Frames fulfill most of that criteria. Amazon has moved all the technology out of the front of the frames, which makes that crucial part look and feel more normal, and shifted it into the stems.

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