DJI Mini 4 Pro unveiled – meet the drone that DJI fans are calling the ‘Air 3 mini’

We rate the DJI Mini 3 Pro as the best drone for most people, and it has now officially been succeeded by the Mini 4 Pro. And while the Mini 3 Pro blew us away with comprehensive improvements, almost 18-months later our DJI Mini 4 Pro review reveals the latest model as an incremental update, refining what’s already excellent. 

The fourth-gen flagship model in DJI’s ‘Mini’ series of drones also weighs less than 250g and therefore remains in the lowest-risk category of drone – in Europe that’s the Open Category A1. Consequently, pilots enjoy the greatest degree of freedom when taking to the skies, making the Mini 4 Pro an excellent drone for beginners, with enough features to also satisfy pro pilots.

Those familiar with this mini series of DJI drones may feel a little disappointed by the Mini 4 Pro – there’s not a lot new going on over the Mini 3 Pro, with most of the improvements affecting the flying experience rather than the camera. Most of the new features are inherited from the next level up DJI Air 3, leading many DJI fans to label this latest sub-250g drone as an “Air 3 mini’. Let’s take a look at what is and what isn’t new. 

DJI R2 remote controller in pilot's hands, with subject and DJI Mini 4 Pro drone and mountain backdrop

(Image credit: DJI)

Big Air 3 features in a Mini

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