Foundation season 3: everything we know so far about the hit Apple TV show’s return

Foundation season 3: key information

– Hasn’t been officially announced
– Filming reportedly underway prior to Hollywood strikes
– Unsurprisingly, no trailer is available
– Key cast members likely to return
– Should pick up 150 years after season 2 finale
– No confirmed plot details
– Likely to draw from Isaac Asimov’s ‘Foundation and Empire’ and ‘Second Foundation’ books
– Could set up a fourth season

When will Foundation season 3 land on Apple TV Plus? Right now, the answer is: we don’t know.

At the time of writing, another season of Foundation hasn’t been formally announced by Apple‘s streaming division. However, given the epic sci-fi series is one of the best Apple TV Plus shows, we’d be very surprised if it isn’t renewed for a third season.

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