Google Photos’ Magic Editor will refuse to make these edits


A newly discovered string of code in the latest Google Photos update reveals there are certain subjects that the Magic Editor tool on the Pixel 8 series will refuse to edit.

Android Authority recently dove into the Google Photos v.6.60 patch when they came across the guardrails. First, they state Magic Editor will not alter pictures of “ID cards, receipts,” or any other documents “that violate [the company’s] GenAI terms.” Second, the tool will not edit “images with personally identifiable information.” Third, it won’t change “human faces [or] body parts.” And finally, Magic Editor won’t work on large selected areas in a photo. When editing on your Pixel 8 smartphone, you’ll have to keep selections short and sweet. Highlighted portions requiring “a lot of data to be generated” will result in an error message popping up on the screen.

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