Google pledges 10 years of Chromebook software updates – if you qualify

Beginning in 2024, Google will continuously roll out software updates to Chromebooks for the next 10 years after a product launch in an effort to increase device longevity. However, in typical Google fashion, the rules are complicated.

If you own a Chromebook that launched in 2021 or after, you will automatically receive the decade-long support. No questions asked. However, if you own a device that was released before 2021, you have the option to “extend automatic updates to 10 years from [a] platform’s release” after it has received its last patch. This is where things get muddy. “Platforms”, as Google defines them, refers to what a particular Chromebook has internally like hardware components and software. The problem is they differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model. An HP Chromebook may not receive the same level of support as one from Lenovo or vice versa. 

Google Chromebook 10 year patch lifecycle

(Image credit: Google)

To find out how many years of support your laptop will get, you’ll need to search up your Chromebook model on the Auto Update policy page on Google’s Help Center website. 

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