I review big-screen TVs for a living – here are the best Black Friday 75-inch TV deals to buy right now

Black Friday week has arrived and as more Black Friday TV deals appear, it can be seriously tempting to finally get that big screen TV you’ve always wanted. I review TVs for a living and have also seen plenty of big screens during my time in A/V retail and it’s worth noting that not all the big screen TV deals you see are worth going for – you need to be careful on what you buy. Screen type is all important, but I’ll get into that below. 

I’ve been scanning Black Friday deals from all sorts of retailers in hopes of finding a big screen bargain and below are some of the best Black Friday 75-inch TV deals that are available right now. They may not be the cheapest 75-inch TVs on the market, but these TVs won’t compromise on quality and will give you bang for your buck. 

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