If you’re planing to get the iPhone 15, then Focal’s Bathys are the ideal headphones


Focal’s Bathys wireless headphones are seriously stunning and if you’re getting an iPhone 15, they’ll give you an instant audio upgrade. That’s because the iPhone 15’s new USB-C connection means you can use your Bathys in wired mode, giving you instant access to their built-in 24-bit DAC. That’s ideal for Hi-Res audio listening from the likes of Qobuz, and until now it was a feature you could only get on Android. 

We rate the Bathys as the best headphones for sound, awarding them four and a half stars out of five in our review. And we specifically highlighted the USB-C DAC mode, which we gave the full five stars to. In a direct comparison with the Bowers & Wilkins PX8, we said that “which you think is best will largely come down to whether you prefer an integrated, detailed, expansive, refined listen (Bathys), or something boasting agility and an extra ounce of dynamic build and oomph over a fractional modicum of expanse (PX8) [but] it’s a very closely run race”.

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