Intel developing its own stacked cache tech to compete with AMD 3D V-Cache

Intel is working on its own version of stable cache that AMD pioneered with its 3D V-Cache technology, though it is still at least a couple of generations away.

Following Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger’s Intel Innovation 2023 keynote, Gelsinger held a Q+A session with members of the press where he was asked if Intel would adopt the same stackable cache technology that AMD has been using to make some of the best processors on the market. 

“When you reference V-Cache,” Gelsinger said, as reported by Tom’s Hardware, “you’re talking about a very specific technology that TSMC does with some of its customers as well. Obviously, we’re doing that differently in our composition, right? And that particular type of technology isn’t something that’s part of [the new Intel Core Ultra processors], but in our roadmap, you’re seeing the idea of 3D silicon where we’ll have cache on one die, and we’ll have CPU compute on the stacked die on top of it, and obviously using [embedded multi-die interconnect bridges] that Foveros [chiplet packaging technology] we’ll be able to compose different capabilities.”

A slide showing off the details of the Intel Core Ultra

(Image credit: Future / John Loeffler)

Anyone who saw Gelsinger’s keynote would have seen how Intel’s upcoming processor roadmap will move heavily into the multi-chiplet module (MCM) design paradigm, where different processor components like the iGPU, cache, and Intel’s new nueral processing unit would be discrete segments bonded together into a single unit rather than cast together all at once.

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