Microsoft Surface Event 2023 liveblog: all the latest devices from Microsoft’s NYC event


Microsoft has been a bit quiet on X (previously Twitter). You’d think ahead of the event it would be drumming up hype, maybe even using a bespoke hashtag. If this was Apple, you could count on it.

Instead, all we’ve got is a tweet from yesterday reminding us about the event.

Meanwhile, our software writer, Kristina Terech, has reported on rumors that suggest as well as new Surface devices, we may hear about how Microsoft plans to integrate AI into Windows 11 as well.

Considering how keen on artificial intelligence Microsoft has been, especially when it comes to the Bing AI chatbot, I would be surprised if there wasn’t any mention of AI today.

Microsoft stand in New York

(Image credit: Future)

Our US Editor in Chief, Lance UIanoff, is at the event and has just supplied us with this photo. We should find out soon what Microsoft has in store for us!

Hello! While the live stream for the Microsoft event isn’t live for a few hours yet, we are already there. It seems the live stream will be a repeat of what Microsoft reveals to select journalists – so we can give you the latest news from the event as it happens, rather than waiting for the live stream!

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