Netflix’s new mystery thriller movie is being slammed by critics – watch these 3 instead

Reptile, Netflix‘s latest mystery thriller movie, has arrived on the streaming giant – but it might not be worth your time if you pay attention to what critics think.

The detective noir film stars Benicio Del Toro as Tom Nichols, a hardened detective who’s sent to investigate the grisly murder of a young real estate agent. As Nichols attempts to solve a case where nothing is as it is seems, he’s forced to confront aspects of his own life, including events from his past he’d rather forget. Alicia Silverstone and Justin Timberland are among Reptile‘s starry supporting cast.

It initially seemed like it would be one of those new Netflix movies that would do well, too. Indeed, in our round-up of Netflix’s ‘Fall 2023’ movies lineup, we suggested Reptile would be one of four big movies you wouldn’t want to miss.

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