Observability-driven automation is essential for compliance


Over the past few years there has been an increasing move towards regulations to ensure safety and responsibility as organizations continue to pursue rapid technology innovation. The EU has led the way in these efforts with GDPR, and more recently the NIS2 directive.

NIS2 is the EU’s, if not the world’s, most comprehensive cybersecurity directive to date. It is an evolution of a regulation originally introduced in 2016 to enforce stricter requirements for risk management and cybersecurity incident reporting for a wider range of sectors, and with much harsher penalties for non-compliance. NIS2 is set to be transposed into national law by October 17th 2024, and so organizations have just over a year to prepare. But with typical compliance processes taking approximately 12 months and many still struggling with such strict requirements, there’s no time to waste.

A daunting challenge

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