OnePlus Watch 2 tipped to launch in 2024

OnePlus launched its first smartwatch, called OnePlus Watch, in March 2021, which was more of a glorified fitness tracker than a proper smartwatch. OnePlus no longer sells the OnePlus Watch through its official website, but we hear the brand will launch its successor next year.

Word comes from tipster Max Jambor, who claimed the OnePlus Watch 2 will be launched in 2024 with a round design. Jambor also claimed the Watch 2 “will be better,” which is hardly news since that’s what is expected from newer models anyway.

OnePlus Watch
OnePlus Watch

We don’t have a specific timeframe for the OnePlus Watch 2’s launch, but we could see the Watch 2 go official around the same time as its predecessor, so expect to hear more about it in the coming months.


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