Overwatch 2 launches free single-player Hero Mastery mode


Yesterday (Thursday, September 7), Hero Mastery mode landed in Overwatch 2. The brand-new single-player mode is completely free and allows players to race through “action-packed” courses as a select number of heroes (with that number set to increase over time).

So, what do the courses consist of? Players have to overcome a number of obstacles and jump pads and dispatch a plethora of training bots while collecting Emblems and racing to the finish line as fast as possible to aim for a high score. The training bots have been given a revamp here, too, with the introduction of Rocket Bots (which shoot dangerous projectiles), Sniper Bots (which do exactly what their name suggests), and Tank Bots, which boast enormous health bars and barriers. Additionally, each hero can earn extra points by utilizing their unique abilities. 

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