Samsung breaks own embargo by unveiling T5 Evo 8TB external SSD on its site for $650 — just be prepared for the sticker shock and the slow speed


You can buy the world’s largest true 8TB portable SSD direct from Samsung for a mere $650 just in time for Black Friday (check our Black Friday SSD deals). Also available in 2TB and 4TB, the Portable SSD T5 Evo (also known as the MU-PH8T0S/AM) is now on offer with a 7-day delivery window but you can buy it for bit cheaper from ShopBLT and PCNation

The first of its breed, this external SSD adopts the Evo branding from Samsung’s own internal SSD range, which focuses on value for money rather than performance. It also has a new rectangular design that is markedly different from the flat design used by competitors – many of whom have repackaged 8TB 2.5-inch SATA SSD. 

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