Samsung SSD T5 EVO arrives with up to 8 TB capacity

Samsung announced today its new portable SSD T5 EVO. It is the first portable drive with 8 TB capacity and comes with protection from external shocks.

The T5 EVO is based on USB 3.2 Gen 1 and offers up to 460 MB/s reading and writing speeds. The whole drive is 95 mm wide, 40 mm long and 17 mm thick and weighs 102 grams.

Samsung SSD T5 EVO arrives with 8 TB capacity

The T5 EVO comes in black, with a titan gray ring that acts as a handle or eyelet for a strap. The body can provide extra protection from drops of up to two meters. Samsung also has Dynamic Thermal Guard technology against overheating, and the portable SSD supports AES data encryption.

Samsung SSD T5 EVO arrives with 8 TB capacity

Samsung’s portable SSD T5 EVO is available globally and costs $190 for a 2 TB option and $350 for the 4 TB version, while the world-first 8 TB variant is $650.


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