TCL confirms US pricing of its Fire TV range, and it’s ridiculously cheap

TCL has confirmed US pricing of its Fire TV range, which consists of three models; the Q6, the S4 and the S3. As is common for Fire TVs, they’re all at the affordable end of things – and in some cases, offer big-screen thrills for seriously low prices. Pricing of the TVs, which are available now from Amazon, is as follows:

  • TCL Q6 (Q650F) –  $449.99 (55”) / $599.99 (65”) / $799.99 (75”)
  • TCL S4 –  $249.99 (43”) / $299.99 (50”) / $319.99 (55”) / $449.99 (65”) / $649.99 (75”) 
  • TCL S3 – $169.99 (32”) / $199.99 (40”)

When TCL announced the Q6, it was interesting to note that it was using Fire TV rather than Roku as its choice of smart TV platform, and with two more models added to the Fire TV lineup, the S3 and S4, TCL seems to be going hard on Amazon’s software.

In terms of spec, the Q6 has some decent features for a low price including, a 4K QLED panel, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, ALLM and Motion Rate 120 for gaming. It’s worth noting that although the Motion Rate is called 120, this doesn’t mean it’s 120Hz; it’s a 60Hz panel that uses enhancements to create a motion clarity effect.

TCL S450F TV on beige wall with NFL player on screen

TCL S4 TV drops QLED to come in at an even lower price  (Image credit: TCL )

The second model in the range is the S4, which comes in a wide variety of sizes and again also features Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support and the Motion rate 120 feature. The S4 does however come with a regular LED direct backlit panel without quantum dots, so you may not get the best out of Dolby Vision. The final TV in the Fire TV range is the S3, a 1080p, Full HD LED TV available in 32- and 40-inch sizes, for those looking for a bedroom TV, or TV for smaller, living spaces.

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