The RAINBOW 2 Pro controller: Elite performance without breaking the bank

PC gamers have long embraced RGB lighting schematics as part of their set-up, and it has even been a recurring joke within the community that the additional lighting in your build can improve the frame rates of your favorite games. While frames do win games, the idea that RGB lighting can affect your frame rate has no merit. A more effective way to win your matches is with an elite controller like the BigBig Won Rainbow 2 Pro controller

Elite controllers often boast benefits over standard controllers that can immediately affect your gameplay. Bonus features like additional buttons, trigger stops, and high polling rates can all give you the upper advantage when you’re in the heat of a battle. The Rainbow 2 Pro controller from BigBig Won has taken the formula for elite controllers and fine-tuned it to further give gamers the powerful tools they need to secure a victory in the palm of their hands. 

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