This early Prime Day deal on the Fire 7 tablet is so cheap, it’s too good to pass up

Most experts recommend no screen time for children under the age of two. I might stretch that do those younger than four. Realistically, though, I’ve seen parents handing babies their smartphones. It’s a terrible idea since the kid is just as likely to chuck it to the pavement as they are to drool into those tender charge ports.

If, however, you really want to give your toddler or elementary-school-age child a tablet, there may currently be no better cost-effective and worry-free choice than the early Amazon Prime Big Deal Day deal on its Amazon Fire 7 Tablet. Normally $60 (already a decent price), the early deal – available to Prime Members only (that service costs you $139 / £95 a year) – drops the 7-inch tablet down to an almost disposable price of $39.99. (In the UK, you’ll pay £59.99 for the Amazon Fire 7 Kids tablet. That’s 45% off what’s essentially the same hardware but with a cushiony kids cover, a 2-year replacement guarantee, and 1 free year of Amazon Kids+ content.)

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