Weekly poll results: Tecno Phantom V Flip’s low price is its biggest advantage

Slowly but surely foldables are inching towards an affordable price range. And it’s not the old flagship killer brands doing it but rather Tecno’s premium brand – the Phantom V Flip launches at ₹50,000 in India and will be €700 in Europe. This makes it the cheapest foldable yet.

For comparison, the Rarz 40 is one of the most affordable flip foldables and it costs ₹60,000/€900. The V Flip does have a few rough edges, but as we found in our review, this is a very compelling package for the price.

That’s good enough for one fifth of voters in last week’s poll who might have been counting down the days to launch – which is today, at least in some regions. That said, Tecno has not detailed the global rollout, so it’s only fans in India that can actually get one right now.

Weekly poll results: Tecno Phantom V Flip's low price is its biggest advantage

More would join them if and when Tecno brings the Phantom V Flip to new markets. The good news for the company is that few people think that this phone is too pricey, which is usually the #1 complaint when it comes to foldables. People also complimented the design of the Phantom.

The bad news is that many think that there are better flips out there – other brands have had a generation or several to iron out the kinks. Then again, there isn’t much foldable competition in this price range at the moment. In fact, flip foldables are few and far between at any price, so it’s great to see more alternatives outside of China.

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